Nature’s Manifesto on physics 2

by tienzengong


The proton collisions at LHC was shut down in September this year (with recorded data over 40 fb−1−1), and a report was planned to be released in December. But, that was cancelled.

On 20 November 2016, CMS released a reported which is based on 2015 data (13 Tev, with only 2.3 fb−1−1, a puny amount in comparison to the 2016 data) and without giving any hint about the 2016 data (where the beef is). It conclude that Gluino masses below 1.65 TeV and squark masses below 1.37 TeV are excluded at a 95% confidence level. See .

Without releasing the true beef, the SUSY devotees are still hoping for their parousia, the returning and resurrection of the SUSY god. And they are now launching a major campaign to con Chinese government in to build a super-collider (with 100 Tev), just to delay their ultimate demise for another 30 years.

If the current CMS conclusion holds, there will not be any new discovery before a super-super-super-collider (with over one-hundred-million Tev.) which is beyond the reach with Earth’s size.

Fortunately, there is no need for waiting the CMS beef nor that super…super-collider, the “Nature’s Manifesto” has given the answer. A new book {Nature’s Manifesto — Nature vs Bullcraps (700 pages)} will be published in January 2017.

Nature’s Manifesto — Nature vs Bullcraps (700 pagess)

Table of Content

Preface                                                                                     …..  p 4

Introduction                                                                         …..  P 15

Volume one: Physics-TOE

Chapter one: #how2CalculateAlpha                                 …..  p 27

Chapter two: #how2CalculatePlanckCMBdata         …..  p 42

Chapter three: Where is the beef?                                      …..   p 61

Chapter four: the First Principle                                          …..  p 77

Chapter five: the Expansion and Acceleration of the universe                 …..  p 103

Chapter six: #how2CalculateCosmologyConstant                                        …..  p 110

Chapter seven: Why not SUSY (s-particle)                                p 119

Chapter eight: Quantum Gravity — from here to eternity                       …..  p 141

Chapter nine: New Science Epistemology                        …..  p 180

Chapter ten: the String-M theory Bullcrap                      …..  p 256

Chapter eleven: Higgs Bullcrap                                                …..  p 292

Chapter twelve: Nature’s manifesto on physics            …..  p 348

Chapter thirteen:  Nowhere to run!                                     …..  p 377

Volume two: Life-TOE

 Chapter fourteen: about intelligence                                 ….. p 413

Chapter fifteen: the seeds (bases) of life                           ….. p 429

Chapter sixteen: the Darwinism bullcrap                       …..  p 452

(See )

Chapter seventeen: the Death of two Gods                  …..  p 454

Chapter eighteen: The Human Intelligent Brain         …..  p 475

Chapter nineteen: the sexevolution                                  …..  p 491

Volume three: math-TOE

Chapter twenty: the internal structure of number ZERO                            …..  p 512

Chapter twenty-one: giving rise to physics laws        …..  p 520

Chapter twenty-two: Unification of physics and mathematics               …..  p 532

Chapter twenty-three: Fermat’s last theorem             …..  p 544

Chapter twenty-four: law of creation                               …..  p 554

Chapter twenty-five: the Final Total TOE                     …..  p 569

Volume four: Social-science-TOE

Chapter twenty-six: A new Economics Theory          …..  p 601

Chapter twenty-seven: Politics in TOE                          …..  p 612

Chapter twenty-eight: Linguistics in TOE                     …..  p 685



The Unified Universe,The Unified Theory!