Vision eulogy: the Post Checkmate Temper Tantrum fit (视觉悼词:被将军后症状)

Vision eulogy: the Post Checkmate Temper Tantrum fit

by tienzengong

Dr. David Gross (Nobel laureate) gave a “Vision speech” on August 5, 2016 at {Strings 2016 conference ( ) held at Tsinghua University, Beijing China}.

It not only is a great eulogy for String theory but is an ‘unconditional surrender declaration’ for the mainstream physics. This eulogy/declaration consists of only three simple points.

Point one, a framework is a hodgepodge, can rot but not be falsified.


Point two, String-theory is a framework, a big hodgepodge.


Point three, mainstream physics is trapped in a triangle hellfire dungeon, with no way out.


The first two points are the compliments of String theory in a nice eulogy. The last point is the total surrender declaration for the mainstream physics.

Indeed, the only way to rescue the mainstream physics is by solving these three hellfire dungeon curses: {(initial/boundary conditions), (essence of spacetime), uniqueness/unification}}.

One, uniqueness/unification: locked up the measuring rulers of this universe; the calculation of Alpha.


Two, essence of spacetime: the rising of SM zoo and mass; calculating the Planck CMB data and Vacuum boson’s mass.


About the Higgs: see,


Three, One, initial/boundary conditions: the calculation of Cosmology Constant.

See and

Now, the guarding curses of the hellfire dungeon which imprisons the mainstream are removed. The mainstream physics is now rescued, see .

Yet, on a {15 year old “SUSY Bet” settlement event in Copenhagen on August 22, 2016}, most of the “SUSY Bet” losers (including Dr. David Gross) are still clinging on their SUSY-undead.

{“In the absence of any positive experimental evidence for supersymmetry,” Gross said, “it’s a good time to scare the hell out of the young people in the audience and tell them: ‘Don’t follow your elders. … Go out and look for something new and crazy and powerful and different. Different, especially.’ That’s definitely a good lesson. But I’m too old for that.”}

Gross is obviously going through the {first stage of grief}, the denial and giving up. Other deniers are more aggressive, proclaiming the {underdetermination} of the current situation. But, with the removing the three curses, the {underdetermination} of physics is no more, see .


After the {anger and depression}, David Gross (and all others) will definitely get a upward turn, as my Protégé Dr. Li xiaojian (Professor of North China University of Technology, Beijing, 100144, China) had showed this “G-string rescue” to Dr. David Gross and others.


This post checkmate temper tantrum fit will soon be over for sure.




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