The Great Vindications ,by  Tienzen (Jeh-Tween) Gong

Why is there something rather than nothing?

Why is there something rather than nothing? Without getting  answer to this question, any physics theory cannot be the FINAL theory.

However, Sean M. Carroll has recently (February 8, 2018) wrote a chapter on this for ‘Routledge Companion to the Philosophy of Physics, with the following abstract.

{It seems natural to ask why the universe exists at all. Modern physics suggests that the universe can exist all by itself as a self-contained system, without anything external to create or sustain it. But there might not be an absolute answer to why it exists. I argue that any attempt to account for the existence of something rather than nothing must ultimately bottom out in a set of brute facts; the universe simply is, without ultimate cause or explanation.}

And with the conclusion: {The right response is “that’s just the way things are.” It’s up to us as a species to cultivate the intellectual maturity to accept that some questions don’t have the kinds of answers that are designed to make us feel satisfied.}


That is, Carroll has denied that {Why is there something rather than nothing?} is a legit question of any kind (physics or otherwise). And, I have made the following tweet as a response.


That is, if there is an answer, then Carroll’s argument will be cut out by Occam’s razor.


{Why is there something rather than nothing?} is really a question of {How this universe was created?}; I have provided a detailed answer on this at my tweet (see, https://twitter.com/Tienzen/status/967091210039906306 ).


However, I will provide a detailed discussion about:

{Something (in appearance)} = {Nothing (in essence)}

First, what is nothing?

In math, ‘nothing’ can be represented by a number (zero).

Then, what is zero?

In math, zero can be defined with, at least, two equations.

Zero (c) = 1/ (countable infinity)

Zero (u) = 1/ (uncountable infinity)

As these two infinities are clearly and precisely defined in math, thus ‘nothing (zero)’ is also precisely defined.


Second, in addition to zero/infinity, there are FINITE numbers in math. However, these two parts are totally disjoined: infinities can never transform into finite, and vice versa.


Third, is there ‘nothing (zero)’ in the physical universe? Obviously, the answer is no. If the answer is Yes, then the question {Why is there something rather than nothing?} has been answered.  The best ‘nothing (zero)’ in the physics universe is the CC (Cosmology Constant) which has 120 zeros after the decimal point at least.

Without ‘nothing’, then this physical universe cannot have ‘infinities’ neither as a physical REALITY.

If these are the case, then there is a fundamental difference between math and physics although math is a great tool and language for physics. And, the issue of CREATION can, indeed, never be answered by science.


Of course, there is another possibility. Although infinities can never transform into finite numbers, they might be able to be embedded in physical objects. If this is the case, something can be created from nothing (infinities); that is,

{Something (in appearance)} = {Nothing (in essence)}


In G-theory, I have shown two such transformations.

One, countable infinity (or zero (c)) is embedded (transformed) into a trisected angle.

It takes COUNTABLE steps to trisect any angle by evenly dividing it, with the following steps.

1/3 = 1/2 – 1/4 + 1/8 – 1/16 + 1/32 – 1/64 + 1/128 – 1/256 + 1/512 – 1/1024 + 1/2048 -… +…

= .33349 – … + … = .3333333333333…..

Of course, a trisected angle is definitely a concrete object. If humans do not have the time to complete this task, nature will definitely have a better chance of doing it.


Two, can uncountable infinity manifest into a concrete object? For the number pi (3.14159…), it has uncountable digits as it is a “normal” number.

{(Pi / 4) = 1 – 1/3 + 1/5 – 1/7 + 1/9 – 1/11 + 1/13 – … + … (with “countable” infinite steps)}

That is, pi (having uncountable digits) is reached with the above equation. Yet, there is a concrete object (a circle) which always associates with the number pi. Thus, the uncountable infinity MANIFESTS as a circle which is a concrete object.


As these two infinities (of math) are embedded (transformed) into two physics (concrete) objects:

First, the {math universe = physics universe} becomes possible. But, I will not discuss this here.

Second, these two embedments have shown:

{Something (in appearance)} = {Nothing (in essence)}

These simply lead to the ‘First principle’ and the creation equation (equation zero).


At every moment of ‘t’ on the time hose, it is, in fact, ‘nothing’ while ‘equation zero’ creates ‘something (a structure)’. The parts of that structure are something but that structure is in essence ‘nothing’.

So, the structure (encompassing matter and anti-matter) will not annihilate while the parts (something) can be annihilated between their anti-partners. That is, there is no BaryonGenesis issue, see http://prebabel.blogspot.com/2013/12/baryongenesis-master-key-of-all.html .


After the creation of a structure (nothingness in essence), the arrangement (distribution) of its parts becomes the ‘Second Principle (Mixing principle)”, and it leads to the { Cabibbo angle (θc)), Weinberg angle (θW ) and Alpha}.


These calculations are direct results of the {Second Principle (Distribution/Mixing principle)} which is totally based on the Pi (uncountable infinity concretizing process).


At the same time, the (countable infinity concretizing process) creates three Line-strings which carries two Trinary-charges (quark colors and Gene-colors).



Then, the Third Principle should be the ‘Bookkeeping/Information Processing’ which leads to CC (Cosmology Constant) and a computing device.


Of course, this computing device leads to the manifestation of Life.


Furthermore, these principles must lead to some consequences.

One, time hose must lead to an accelerating expansion of the universe and the Unified force.




And, it must produce the following distribution.


This calculation also shows the answer to the BaryonGenesis.

And this dark energy (vacuum energy) must lead to a Vacuum-Boson.



Two, as the Dark Flow is changing the distribution of the parts of the STRUCTURE, this universe must swing from one extreme to another; that is, it must be cycling.


The evidence of this Dark Flow has discovered about one year ago.



Finally, these lead to an 11-dimension universe.


More details, see https://tienzen.livejournal.com/1323.html